Waldemar Frome

Waldemar Frome, 22 years old, was born in Denmark and despite his young age he has taken his abstract expressionism one step further than his predecessors and one could argue in a rather genius way. His thoughts maintain a constant battle between inner complexity and outer simplicity. The fact that he succeeds in achieving an extension of what is called action painting, is without a doubt the result of his need to succumb to his spontaneous impulses. Names such as “Vertical Blue”, “Constellation Black”, “Pouring Grey” and “Black Horizon” speaks to each individual’s inner self in the sense that the experience is within yourself and seen through the eyes of the beholder. The creativity of the artist is conveyed on the canvas in a completely fascinating way. Impressively autodidact, Waldemar Frome has in in the last few years established himself internationally as a rising star within the world of art.