A Vancouver-based innovative design and manufacturing house. Their pieces focus on the more emotional and romantic shades of the contemporary design spectrum and are expertly executed using hand blown techniques. The 14 and 28 ranges are the most popular of the collection. Featuring a lunar like appearance, the 28-range work well as a focal point for a living or dining room while the 14-range provides perfect illumination for smaller spaces such as hallways and bathrooms.

28 sc copper wall light

28 sc Copper Suspension

Bocci introduces a flexible copper suspension option for all 28 series chandeliers – designed to create a unique composition aesthetic achieved through shaping the copper tube during installation. Seemingly gravity defying, the pendants can be angled any which way – with potential for the glass to sculpturally tangle with the copper – providing utmost compositional range. Singularly, the copper suspension adds complexity and scale to individual hanging or surface-mounted 28 pendants.

The copper will intentionally weather and tarnish, registering duration and use in its patina.  The raw copper of a new chandelier gleams brightly, but as the copper endures, the colour warms with oxidization and age.




Material glass, copper Dimensions +- 165mm diameter sphere; 500mm flexible copper tubing