Punt means point. A line is a series of points following a certain direction through space. That is Punt. The points from Punt that go to make up our collection are practically infinite. Many of these “punts” are happy encounters, happy discoveries; others are still searches, seeking serendipity. Some “punts” are in two dimensions (such as these graphics and communications); others are in three (such as our furniture) and others still pertain to the fourth dimension, by which we mean people: designers, clients, suppliers, friends and all the people who make this story possible through their individual efforts.


Nathan Yong explored with “Cuatro” (Four), a minimalistic expression of a bedside or a corner table. Four planes define the basic form. Four thin boards that, as sculptural planes, generate volume and lightness at the same time.


Material MDF fibreboards with natural oak or walnut wood veneer with plastic tips Finish Different stained oak or different texturised lacquered Dimensions 430 x 600 x 370mm