Giorgetti’s pieces show a reference to the constructive techniques used to create them and preserve the integrity of the raw materials used. Their chairs have a particularly special charm – a result of elegant fabrics and exclusive sartorial details used to make them. Inspiration for their pieces is sourced from traditional Italian craftsmanship with a high attention to detail. The AIE cabinet is a favourite piece, made of walnut Canaletto wood and illuminated with LEDs which are turned on by a remote control.


Desk with natural polished solid maple or wax polished pau ferro structure. The drawer, in various shades of saddle leather, has a metal insert. The leg tips are in brushed nickel metal. The completely removable covering is available in various shades of saddle leather.


Material wood, saddle leather and metal Finish solid maple, wax polished pau ferro and brushed nickel metal. Dimensions Desk: 165 x 59.5 x 73.5 cm , Drawer: 43 x 51 x 8.5 cm