The sophisticated moment. This desirable state of mind where the beautiful and the impeccable merge in time and space, awakening and captivating our senses. The stylish looks, the physical sensation, the smooth breeze, the beating of the heart and memories that last forever. Röshults lives for these seductive moments. Combining exclusive materials, such as teak and stainless steel, with a modern architectural design, we celebrate the luxurious aspects of the good life.

Fire Basket Original

Röshults Fire Basket Original holds a special place in our hearts – being our first product, we are extra proud to present and produce it to happy clients.

Our Original is the most elemental version of all our Fire Baskets. It spreads light and warmth for the body and soul, while being elegantly designed.


Material Untreated iron Finish Untreated Dimensions W28 X D28 X H70 cm