Flexform is world-famous for quality and inventive design. Flexform Mood is the grown-up sister that refuses to take minimalism for an answer. Understated elegance, richness of design, line and texture; comfort, quality and style. These are the marks of Flexform Mood. Its pieces are softer and inviting - particularly the Barret sofa.


Icaro is a new series of products to accompany the bed, bedside table and mirror presented in 2015. With one special detail: the foot with a metal tip, shared by the whole collection. The small tables collection features a wooden base and marble tops and the new bookcase reprises the original wooden post of the bed and the mirror. The shelves of the bookcase are finished in cowhide, adding a precious saddlery detail.


Material wood, metal, leather, suede Finish wood, metal, hide leather, suede Dimensions W: 168 x D: 50 x H: 201 cm