Ducks and geese in colder climates naturally produce larger, softer down. A thousand years ago, the Vikings already appreciated the value of down from Arctic seabirds, and this knowledge has been handed down through the generations. Today it remains essential in the production of the luxury Arctic duvets designed and crafted by the Norwegian company Norvegr for the most discerning clientele. With a philosophy firmly rooted in uncompromised quality, all down is meticulously sourced and filled in channel constructed duvet casings. This technique ensures an ultra light duvet that naturally regulates moisture and temperature, redefining a good night’s sleep

limited edtion duvet - Eiderdown

Limited Edition Duvets – Eiderdown

Limited Edition Duvets are made of the Norwegian Eiderdown which is the most exclusive down in the world. It has the best heat retention of all types of down. It is hand picked from abandoned nests and it is hand cleaned. It is washable and it has a ten – year guarantee. It can be restored back to its original shape and be as good as new after ten years, with the guarantee extended another ten years. Substantially more durable than a traditional quill feather makes for a highly durable and hardwearing duvet some of which have been in use for more than 100 years.
This very particular type of down is found on the Norwegian island of Svalbard and comes only from the female Eider duck. There are many reasons why the Eiderdown material has been coveted for so long and its secret is quite literally kept close to its chest – found exclusively on the female Eider who meticulously plucks off her own breast to feather her nest.
Down is filled in a channel constructed duvet casing made from the finest batiste from 100 % pure Egyptian cotton. The seams are hidden inside the duvet on three sides, and there is no stitching right through the duvet casing. Instead a baffle walls had been used between the channels, to make sure that the down reaches everywhere inside the casing. This way, the duvet is equally as thick all the way through the channels, and you will not have any cold spots against your body.


Material Norwegian Eiderdown, 100% pure Egyptian cotton Finish Norwegian Eiderdown, 100% pure Egyptian cotton Dimensions 160 x 210 cm, 160 x 220 cm, 160 x 240 cm, 230 x 220 cm, 240 x 210 cm, 240 x 220 cm, 240 x 240 cm, 260 x 220 cm; Children size: 100 x 140 cm; Baby size: Baby cradle duvet: 80 x 100 cm; Baby stroller duvet: 65 x 80 cm