De Castelli

The entire De Castelli production is distinguished for the finest quality of its construction, expressed in the meticulous attention to details and the handcrafting of all the finishing and decorating work.

Mida desk

An essential writing desk, a small stool and a cupboard. A collection composed of three pieces that reminds us of tiny medieval and renaissance studios. Embellished by precious metals like iron, brass and copper enhanced by De castelli’s finishes, the writing desk and the secretaire can be fixed to the wall, suitable for every areas to contain, collect, order, hide. M1 is a secretaire characterized by an elongated structure. The lower part can open to become a writing desk and the inner section reveals space to file documents and a light source. The M2 stool completes the ensemble. A wooden seat placed on a tiny iron structure.


Dimensions 125x23xh.50 cm