From the 1950s to the present day the activities of Desalto have always been seamlessly part of the production tradition of La Brianza, an exceptional area in which the masters of Italian design and of the “Made in Italy” have found a breeding ground in a determined, passionate enterprise culture. The founders of Desalto are among those manufacturers who have contributed to spreading the idea of products based on inexhaustible technical and technological research at the service of a greater functionality throughout the world.


With the use of the double X with the name Booxx, Santachiara wanted to refer, with the irony that marks himself, the project matrix: the pantograph, allows a free bookcase position on the wall, to satisfy either aesthetics or space require- ments.bookcase with steel plate frame and sheet metal shelves with removable bookends in metal sheet.finishes: galvanized zinc (only Booxx), matt white and matt black lacquered. the panthograph frame allow a free bookcase position on the wall, to satisfy aesthetics or space requirements.


Material Steel Dimensions W73 x D17 x H162 cm; W75 x D17 x H115 cm