JAB Anstoetz

Founded in Germany in 1946, JAB Anstoetz is one of the world’s leading fabric houses and is renowned for providing the very best furnishing and decoration fabrics, wall coverings, curtain rails and carpets. JAB Anstoetz is family owned and is found in over 80 countries around the world. A collaboration with designer Staffan Tollgard has resulted in a contemporary collection of rugs including Splash which is inspired by the idea of spilt liquid - heightened by its use of silk to evoke a feeling that the splash has only happened moments earlier.


Scratched is a textural revelation: a myriad of marks, imprints and scratches on a surface that have combined over time to create a new work. I have always been fascinated by the truth of materials, and by the question of whether an object holds its value after the first scratch. In this rug the layers that are scratched away give way to another, almost more valuable
material: the loop pile and cut away carved sections of rug. It reminds me of an antique piece that wears it dents and imperfections with pride: each mark a reminder of its passage through time.


Finish Five colours available. Dimensions Rugs are available to customer’s own sizes. Rug pictured is 230cm x 300cm
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