Rimadesio produces systems for sub-dividing environments and for the architectural definition of internal spaces. Doors, sliding panels, shelving units, walk-in wardrobes and a collection of complementary furniture. Linear and concrete designs with a high level of technical competence.


The idea of a monolith as prominent unit of the areas, in which severity of the geometry interprets the aesthetic of the lacqered glass in the complete collection of the Ecolorsystem colours.
Stele is a middle-room bookcase with rigorous geometry, planned to suggest new interpretation of the living area.
The Stele project is the latest result of continuous exploration by Rimadesio into the creative possibilities of glass.
The bookcase’s primary geometry was obtained through the technology of water jet glass cutting, which is added to an exclusive and completely invisible interlocking system to guarantee the perfect positioning of the open compartments.


Material Aluminium, glass Dimensions W1322 x D386 x H2167mm