Kaymet have been proudly hand-making anodised aluminium ware in London since 1947. Their classic designs for aluminium trays, trolleys and hotplates have evolved over the years and feel fresher today than ever. The Original Tray is a favourite piece with its art deco style and contrasting metal and black finish.


Rubber Grip Pressed Tray

The Kaymet Pressed Tray with black rubber grips, produced in Bermondsey since the 1960s. In anodised aluminium, colour silver, gold or black.

These trays are brushed, pressed and then hand linished before anodising. A series of 5mm round black Rubber Grip domes protrude through the tray base, at 10mm centres, making the surface non-slip and great looking too. The Kaymet logo appears on a label on the underside.

Stocked in 5 sizes

Sizes available: 370 x 275mm ; 420 x 300mm ; 470 x 325mm; 520 x 350mm; 350 x 177mm


Material anodised aluminium Finish Colours: silver, gold, black Dimensions Small, medium & large
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