Gate bed by Vi-Spring

Staffan Tollgård was invited by UK-based Vi-Spring to design beds for their collection.  The Sail and Gate beds were launched in September 2015 and the Gate is currently on display in the Staffan Tollgård Design Store.

Staffan started looking at Vi-Spring’s own home for inspiration and found himself spoilt for choice. Located on the coast in beautiful Devon, both beds are inspired by the environment and surroundings.   Sail tries to emulate the sail cloth stretched between boom and mast.  It is soft, but stretched just enough for support when it is leaned against.  Gate came from the wooden fences and gate around the cow fields.  Simple lines with a straightforward function often lead to the most satisfying products.




‘Red Thread’, Staffan’s first range of rugs for JAB Anstoetz was launched in London in September 2014. Two of the rugs in the Red Thread collection picked up awards at the IMM fair in Cologne at their international launch. ‘Beneath’ was listed as one of the winners in the Interior Innovation award and ‘Diamond’ picked up a “Best of the best” prize given to the 15 best products in the fair.

The creative journey towards these eight rugs began with a question. We asked ourselves what our red thread was. What was it that we as designers found truly interesting and inspiring; what was it that we wanted to explore in this unique opportunity? We found the answer in the fundamental matter of each of our projects: story-telling and the truth of materials. A rug is an artwork in two dimensions. Yet beneath this flat finished sculpture is the story of the maker, the natural elements and the originating design process. We explored how each rug could tell the story of the artistry of JAB Anstoetz’s artisans, of the processes that make their rugs so creatively rich and valuable. At the same time we used the metaphor of change and of revelation as a vehicle for these techniques. The earth is ripped apart to allow a seam of volcanic silk to erupt to the surface; the flat wool sea is disturbed with concentric carved ripples; the alchemical effect of water on metal bleeds one colour into another, a story of time and transformation.

The final rug, the Red Thread, was JAB’s idea. When we described how each rug told the story of material change, of the reality of what lies beneath, of our desire to explore texture and truth in each rug as we do in each of our projects, Michael Constable, the originator of the project with JAB UK, asked if we could design a rug that captured our notion of the ‘Red Thread’ as we had described it to him. The Red Thread is the simplest rug of them all. A silk cut pile that runs through a neutral wool ground, it is an invitation to each of our clients to find the rhythm of their own stories and to map them out visually. We ask for the point of departure and the end, and a clue as to whether their story has been straight to the point or a meandering tale that has made the most of the canvas afforded to it.




In 2013, Staffan Tollgård created his first light with Contardi. Designed to play with the notion of functional sculpture, lighting couturier Contardi’s immaculate execution of the Belle succeeds in concealing its function until closer inspection. The visual contrast between exterior and interior enhances the designer’s play on expectations. In the limited edition version, a sober matt black exterior conceals a shiny bronze inner shell, only hinted at from the bronze rope from which it hangs. A matt white belle hides a glossy silver interior and hangs from a tailored grey rope. It was launched at the opening of the Staffan Tollgard Design Store on the 12th September 2013.