Weaving the read thread

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Staffan and Monique’s home is for sale through Domus Nova. Below in an excerpt from their interview of Staffan. Click here for the full article and to see the home.

What was your route into design? 

Although a baptism by fire, I am very grateful to the Inchbald for helping me translate a passion for design into a tangible and very focused education. I emerged with a strong insight into how to create functional and livable spaces, and the foundations of the language of design that an Inchbald education gives you.

How does your background in film translate into or influence your work now? 

Both Monique and I came from the world of film. That’s how we told stories. Now we tell our clients’ stories. They have chosen to live in a particular place, in a particular kind of architecture and in a very personal way. They have probably travelled and brought back important memories of times and places with them. We want to bring these together to tell a simplified, single story that binds environment, architecture, function and character. It’s important to tell one story; to choose from the many clues and influences the single, important strand that can run through a design. We’ve evolved a short hand for this, the ‘red thread’.